If you are an avid gamer for most of your life, you might agree to the fact that AAA games such as the Call of Duty are boring and not creative. Of course, every game is fun and creative at first like the COD MW, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider but as a game becomes a series, it becomes boring and repetitive with just a new storyline and minor graphics improvements. Yes, they sell in big numbers because of heavy marketing and good brand reputation but overall they lack creativity. Many gamers and gaming enthusiasts would agree that a game should be creative at some point. This would add up to the excitement of playing the game. Sure, many people would want a movie turned to a game but the creativity is lost in the process.

If you will think about the outcome of the finished creations, you would easily distinguish the similar factors taken from the movie to the newly released game. This could be the best part of the company but the fact remains that the games that belong to AAA Companies are losing its originality and for a game player that sucks!

1. Reuse and Repetition is Boring in the Long Run

Have you ever felt the urge of not finishing a movie because you have watched it several times? That is how the feeling faced by every gamer who plays an AAA game. The excitement is gone because they already know the outcome of the game story line. It would be quite amazing for some movie buffs but for the gaming industry the reuse and repetition is a boring thing. Who would want to play a game that you already know the plot and the ending? Of course, some of these games have a good multiplayer mode like Battlefield series and COD series which is fun to play but then again there is very little change in a new installment of the game. I love to play Battlefield 3 in multiplayer mode but do not find Battlefield 4 fun to play because there isn’t much changed.

2. Casting Actors is Not Creativity as They Think

Yes, you have seen your favorite actors on the game however, the game looks like a movie. Although it might appear realistic at some point, the game community is already tired of it. Casting a bankable star might be good to look at but when it comes to gaming, it needs a lot of creativity and innovation and turning a game into a movie would not help in making the gaming experience better. It only makes the game less appreciated.

3. Putting Creative Game Ideas also pertains to reinventing

Most gaming fans would love the idea of reinventing the game by creating an original storyline, music or sound effects. This would highlight the awesomeness of the game and would provide the gamers the thrilling part of playing the game. This would make the game experience fun and memorable at the same time. Another excellent factor is that games with an original storyline and characters would be thrilling to play because of the enigma it would create in every gamer.

4. Creativity is not through a more like approach but with originality

Playing games is not watching movies. If you would play a game, you will eventually seek the original content in it. This will motivate you to discover the mechanic of the game and make sure you will have a high score in the end. An original game plot and action would add to the excitement

Thus, it would be best to stick to the original gaming plot. People would be sure to appreciate it even more. World of Warcraft, Portal, Grand Theft Auto 3, LittleBigPlanet and upcoming Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King VR is one of the great examples of original games that one can play. AW: ROTDK is going to be first to feature a Multiplayer VR Battle Between Man & Machine Set in Future.

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