Ever felt the need to stop a game and not finish it all? That may be because you find the game boring or because the game is too difficult for you to finish. This could be really awful on your part. This is what an online gaming community once quoted as rage quitting. It is one of the hottest gaming phenomena over the years and the quitters do not seem to see quitting as a crime.

Quitting Games Sucks and Will Cost You Big Time

Rage Quitting is caused by anger or range of playing a specific game. It is sometimes done with the intense passion of playing the game. Gamers who are involved in rage quitting find the lack of chances in improving his or her game playing. The worse scenario could be he or she could end not playing the game at all. The fact remains that in rage quitting, you are not only being a sour loser but also wasting your time in playing games.

2. Quitters Fall to a Trap

Quitting a game is easy but you have to pay the consequences. In many multiplayer games like DOTA 2, the gaming companies have made punishments to gamers if they quit during a live match. There could be many reasons for quitting a live match. It could be a bad internet connection. It could be you getting killed by the same player again and again. Or may you cannot take a loss and hit the abandon button in the middle of the game. No matter what the reason, you will be punished. Blame the rage that led you to it and not the game itself.

3. Rage Quitting Would Cost You Not to Enjoy a Game

Okay, you are angry at the game for not winning or having a high score. However, you are not destroying the game but you are destroying yourself in all that rage. Being a rage quitter would make you loose interest in playing games. No matter how shitty you feel not being able to be good at a game, just relax and keep playing with a cool mind.

4. Game Playing Should be Fun and No Signs of Quitters

Game playing is just simply having fun. A game player should not be angry about it all the time. It would make his or her interest and passion for the game disappear. If you are a game player since your childhood, it would be a bit harsh on your part if you continue rage quitting all the time. Another sad part is, you are not enjoying it to the fullest!

Rage Quitting would not do any good to you as a gamer. One of the best things you can do is play with heart and passion in each game that you like such as Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King a Virtual Reality Game. This would give you a happy mood and satisfying feeling all the time. Stop being a quitter and finish the game you have started.

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