PowerPoint is the unofficial standard for presentations on Windows OS. iOS and Mac users have a free and even better alternative in the form of Keynote. Here are ten tips that will make you create a professional Keynote Presentation with ease.

you can create presentations with Keynote, which is available free of charge for iOS in the App Store or for macOS in the Mac App Store. Apple’s presentation app is largely compatible with PowerPoint. It allows you to open * .ppt and * .pptx files and export Keynote presentations in PowerPoint file format. 

Here are the best tips and tricks to create a presentation quickly and efficiently.

Use Templates

Like PowerPoint, Keynote has a small selection of templates. The advantage: New slides with an appealing and, above all, uniform design are added to your work simply by clicking on the ‘+’ at the top left. So you have less to worry about the layout and focus more on the content. If you take the trouble to create your own template for repeated use, simply save it via Keynote and Save the Template.

Alternatively, you can also download attractive Keynote Templates from third party Keynote Templates providers. I have been using Keynote Templates from HiSlides.io for a while and I love their content. They have a large number of awesome free Keynote templates.

You can use most of these Keynote templates for free with attribution to HiSlide.io. There is also an annual premium plan which gives you full access to their inventory without any attribution required.

Working Together On Presentation

There is one problem with working together on a keynote presentation. Not every employee has a Mac and thus access to Pages. The alternative is working together on the document via iCloud. What you need is an activated iCloud account on the computer, iPhone or iPad and the activated iCloud Drive. 

Now, in Keynote, just click ‘Collaborate’ on the top right. Opens the sharing options in the popup below and sets ‘Everyone‘ as the Entitled Person ‘with this link‘. You can either send the link directly by mail or message or copy the public link and send it via another channel. The presentation is even available to Windows users without an Apple ID via their web browser.

Copy And Paste Styles

Apple’s iWork Pages, Numbers, and Keynote programs share some features, including Copy Style and Style in the Format menu. These commands allow you to copy the information for formatting a text, such as a typeface, font size, font color, and apply it to another section of text. This ensures a uniform style for all texts and you do not have to manually adjust the text format.


The transparency function allows you to quickly and easily remove images from the background, making them transparent. Click with the right mouse button on the toolbar and choose ‘Customize Toolbar‘. In the third row, click on the second icon from the right, drag it into the Keynote toolbar, and click ‘Done‘. 

Select the tool and click on the background of an image. As you hold the mouse button, drag the mouse pointer away from the clicked point. You can do this several times in different areas if the automatic selection mistakenly detects areas outside the background.

Magic Transitions

Also, make the change between two slides smoother with transitions. However, many of the available transitions are very playful. For professional presentations, you should rather do without those fancy transitions. But there is a transition that offers real added value. Yes, Magic Move effect animates text, graphics or images, which also appear elsewhere on the following slide, to their new positions. For example, a logo that is large and centered on the first page may move to the lower-left corner of the second slide.

Use iPhone As A Remote Control

During the presentation, you can switch between animations and transitions on the Mac using the arrow keys on the keyboard. However, the better option is to an iOS device as a remote control. 

Download the Keynote app on the device you want to control remotely and tap the remote control icon at the top right after opening and then continue on the bottom. 

On the Mac, choose ‘remote control’ in the ‘settings’ and connect your iPhone there. 

Smart Notes

On the iPad Pro or current iPad, you can quickly and easily insert notes with an Apple Pencil. Like scribbling on a paper, you simply scribble notes for changes and suggestions. The changes will sync via iCloud to your Mac as well.

Webinar ‘Keynote Live’

If your viewers are not in the same location as you, you can still give your presentation with ‘Keynote Live’ over the Internet. Your presentation will be published as a stream on the internet publicly or secured with a password. 

The only downside is that there is no audio channel, so you’ll need to transfer your voice over another channel, like phone or Skype. The function can be found directly at the top left of the play button.

Video Of The Presentation

As an alternative to the live presentation, a lecture can also be recorded completely with your voice. Then you can simply share the video. Important: The recording works only if you sync it to the iCloud as described at the beginning. 

Here is a brief guide on how to record your voice in a keynote presentation video.

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