We have extensively tested many different VPN providers to find the best VPN. Here are 5 Best Android VPN apps for excellent privacy.

Further on this page explains how the tests were performed and why a specific VPN provider is located at a specific location. We test every VPN regularly to check whether we need to adjust the current score. We certainly do this with the top 4 below.

Do you just want to know quickly what we think is the best VPN? Below you can see our top 4 with a link to the VPN providers.

Designating the best VPN provider is a bit odd to do. This is mainly due to the fact that everyone has different needs with regard to the use of the VPN. Different people have different wishes and expectations of using a VPN. For example, some people place a high value on privacy, while others think it is more important that the speed of the VPN server is very high. 

If you really do not know which VPN to choose, you can be confident that the VPN services mentioned in this list are perfectly suited to your wishes. 

We will try to update this list in the future with more options while replacing others which we don’t think are good anymore. The different providers occasionally change their software, terms and conditions, privacy policy, server park, price or other features. It is then important to regularly update this list so that we can provide the most accurate information. 

What To Look For When Choosing A VPN App

To be able to give an opinion on the different VPN apps for Android you naturally need a number of assessment criteria. We have based this list on the following criteria.

  • Speed: how fast is the connection to the VPN server? Very important if, for example, you want to stream video via your VPN provider.
  • User-friendliness: We check how user friendly a certain VPN is? Is it easy to navigate?
  • Price: is the price much higher or much lower than the average price for a VPN service? And how is the price/quality ratio in general? Nobody likes to pay too much.
  • Reliability? It is important that the servers are always accessible. In addition, the connections must be stable.
  • How good is it at keeping your privacy secure? For example, we prefer services that do not store logs. In addition, we also look at the encryption method that the relevant VPN service uses. 

Best VPN Apps For Android in 2019

Based on the above assessment points, we have compiled the following list of the top 5 best VPN providers.

VPN Pass

  • The app is absolutely free to use with no subscription
  • The app promise to maintain no logs
  • Connecting to the VPN is very easy
  • There is no data limit. You can use the VPN for as long as possible

VPN Pass is a new VPN app on the Google Play store but provides quite an amazing service. It provides a fast protected connection. Provides you secure access to the internet on a touch of the button. No need to provide a username or password and no registration required.

It is a totally free VPN service and does not require you to provide your credit card number. The app lets you bypass internet filters and censorship. Allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Google, and other websites wherever they may be blocked.

The service promises to maintain no logs which means you don’t to worry about your anonymity while using VPN Pass. However we have yet to test that promise as it is a new service.

I have just one complaint about this app and that is its interface. The interface looks dated and ugly but when it comes to VPN I prefer function over the looks.

Download VPN Pass


  • The app is absolutely free thus provides excellent value for no money
  • The speed is good considering the fact that it doesn’t cost a penny.
  • Easy to connect

SmartVPN is another new comer in the Google Play Store’s VPN apps inventory. The app allows you to secure your internet connection absolutely free without any data limit or device limit. The app also let’s you to access any type of blocked content in your region.

It hides your IP address with a new one of its own so you can browse securely without any worry of privacy theft. Just like the VPN mentioned above, SmartVPN also does not require any username, password, or registration.

All you need to do is to open the app, select your preferred server and click on the connect button. This free VPN app provide excellent speed considering the freeware nature of this app.

Download Smart VPN


  • Very good software to use
  • Fast connections
  • Low price for such a good VPN
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service that has done a lot of improvement lately. The software for all operating systems can be called really good and clear. The interface is designed so that everyone understands it while there are still enough options for people who want to set up a bit more. For example, you can set your preferred protocol. You can also determine which applications should use the internet outside of the VPN connection if you wish.

The speed of Surfshark is also good. We actively achieved a speed of over 100 Mbps with the VPN connection. A speed that is more than high enough for streaming HD movies and certainly fast enough for surfing the internet.

Downloading via BitTorrent is permitted via Surfshark’s servers. Other p2p services are also permitted via PIA’s VPN servers. Because Surfshark does not keep logs, it is ideal for people who want to increase their online privacy.


  • Lots of privacy with this VPN service
  • The cheapest premium VPN
  • Good applications for all devices
  • 7 Simultaneous connections with 1 subscription
  • Very suitable for streaming

Cyberghost has improved considerably as a VPN in the last year and it is expected that this will continue in 2019. Many more servers have been added worldwide and substantial investments have been made in improving the servers. You notice this in everything. Much less busy servers and therefore much faster connections. The connections are also very stable, which is nice when you use the internet intensively.

The Android application is very well made with beautiful easy to use interface. In addition, your privacy is well guaranteed at this company, it falls under the jurisdiction of Romania where no obligations can be imposed to collect data from users. In addition, no logs are kept.

And what makes this good service really attractive is the particularly low price. For a CyberGhost subscription you only pay €2.75 per month if you take out a 16-month subscription!


  • Many security options such as dual VPN connections and VPN over Tor
  • Software and apps for all devices good and easy to use
  • Connect to a VPN with up to 6 devices at the same time
  • Very good value for money, the prices are very competitive
  • You can request a dedicated IP

NordVPN is known for the high degree of privacy and the good technical features of service. NordVPN, for example, is based in Panama and says it does not keep logs. 

The price of NordVPN is also very reasonable and it offers a very good price/quality ratio. The app works well and the provider has many servers around the world.

This is also a good VPN for Netflix at the time of writing. The service seems to allow the servers to change IP quickly, so it seems that NordVPN is often one step ahead of Netlflix trying to block VPN servers. You also have the option to request a dedicated IP address from NordVPN. There is also a Smart DNS option that makes it possible to receive the Netflix offer from other countries.

Downloading with BitTorrent and other p2p services is permitted on the designated servers. The download speeds were also more than excellent during the test. Downloading was quick and without problems.

The interface is a bit complicated but still will not be a problem for most users.


  • ExpressVPN does not keep logs, so a lot of privacy
  • Perfect software and apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • More than 1700 servers in more than 94 countries
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Very fast and stable connections with the VPN servers

Promotion: 3 months free with an annual subscription on ExpressVPN!* Only valid via the links on our website. During the ordering of an annual subscription you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.

ExpressVPN has really impressed us. They have been doing this for years and 2019 has so far not been an exception. That is the reason that this service is number 1 in our overview of best VPNs. Firstly, the quality of the VPN connections can be called high quality, these are fast and stable. Moreover, ExpressVPN has a huge number of servers that are distributed throughout the world. This means that you have a fast VPN connection available everywhere. Moreover, this extensive number of locations around the world ensures that you can view geographically blocked content from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the security and privacy of ExpressVPN is more than in order. No logs are kept of users, so that no data can be submitted to any third parties. In addition, the strongest encryption is used so that nobody can overhear you. Moreover, the software has a kill switch that ensures that unintended encrypted data is not sent over the internet connection when the VPN connection fails for any reason.

The ExpressVPN software is also excellent. For Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X and Android there is software that works perfectly and easily. 

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