The popular action RPG Crashlands published by Butterscotch Shenanigans is now temporarily discounted in the Play Store. You can now get started as a galactic package delivery company Flux Dabes for only € 1.09!


Crashlands is a game that falls into the open-world action-adventure genre and comes from the small studio Butterscotch Shenanigans consisting of three brothers from the United States: Adam, Seth, and Sam Coster. 


In Crashlands you play trucker Flux Dabes, who was stranded on another planet, called Woanope, during the last delivery. This planet is habitable but the indigenous beings already present are not happy with your arrival. You will, therefore, have to compete against an endless stream of aliens, but you also have to defeat bosses in order to gain power. 

In the meantime, on this planet you will be carrying out assignments, collecting resources, revealing houses, securing new friends, and much more. Fortunately, your inventory is endless because there are more than 500 handmade items to unlock. This allows you to collect better equipment that makes you stronger. The stronger you become in the game, the more you see of this strange world.


You can make yourself stronger but you can also play together with a helper. You do that by searching for an egg and incubating it, after which a helper crawls out.

Download Crashlands

Crashlands is a nice pastime for in between that you can entertain yourself for hours. The game normally costs $7 but can now be purchased temporarily for $1. You can download via the button below.

Developer: Bending Spoons
Price: $6.99
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