In today’s advanced world of tech, still, many businesses use spreadsheets and paper timesheets for keeping track of employees work hours and timesheets. Time tracking has been a crucial aspect of businesses for a long time. Long gone are the days when these were the only option businesses had. Nowadays, there are several time tracking apps that both small and large businesses can use.

By having online timesheets, you will have access to information about how many hours are employees working. This will even inform you how productive your employees are. There is no denying that time is the crucial resource for every business. Hence, this marks the importance of managing time.

Though time logging can be done manually, it will take a lot of time and operational resources. To make your business successful, you need to have a mobile time tracking app. This will speed up the process of inputting the time worked and provide real-time timesheet reports.

One such useful employee time tracking app is Boomr, it is a great choice when it comes to tracking remote employees work hours too. You will be able to monitor the performance, track work hours, and stay within your budget.

Here are the reasons why you should shift to automated timesheets.


Keep a Check on your Employees Timesheets

The automated employee timesheets will enable them to clock in and clock without any trouble. The Boomr is a wonderful employee time tracking app that will make tracking employees extremely easy. All the remote workers will have to do is click to clock in and out. The timesheet details can be edited anytime and from anywhere.

This will save your cost on the payroll by 10% along with providing accurate time tracking. Additionally, you will be able to increase the efficiency of the remote workers. This is because by doing it manually on spreadsheets or time cards can adversely affect the payroll and productivity of the employees. In addition, this will eradicate the time theft.

Boomr will let you track over time of your remote employees without any hassles. This will help you get rid of expensive overtime hours as you and your employees will be alerted about weekly limits.

Employee Time Tracking With GPS

One of the benefits of Boomr is that it can allow you to track your remote employees using the GPS time tracking app they provide. When the employees’ clock in or clock out, the GPS location points will be updated. You will be able to when your workers are taking a break and when they are working. So, by having automated timesheet you will have real-time information.

Set Timesheet Reminders

Another wonderful feature of this time tracking app is setting up automatic timesheet reminders and alerts. This will enable you to remind your employees to clock in and out. It is a great way to increase time tracking compliance. In this way, you will have an automatic workforce management. The app will send text, in-app notifications, and email to ensure everyone checks in.

In the end, Boomr is a powerful workforce management software system that will help automate timesheets for your remote workers. This will save time and cost on payroll along with enabling you to keep an eye on your employees. Additionally, it will provide information that can be used for measuring performance and billing.


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