Purchasing tickets to a high-profile in-demand event is an extremely difficult task. There is a meagerly 10% chance of you getting the ticket to a high-profile football match or a live concert after it goes on sale. 

There are thousands of people waiting desperately in front of their computers for the tickets to go live. As soon as the tickets go live they waste no time to book their tickets. If you are lucky, you might also score a ticket, but, the chances are very limited.

Most of the tickets are sold in advance in a presale. Let’s suppose you heard on TV or radio that tickets to Spurs vs Clippers will go on sale on Dec 21, then there is a good chance that the presale has already been started on Dec 16.

So, Why Do Event Promoters Have a Pre-Sale?

There are many different reasons that the promoters have presales before selling the tickets to the general public. There are different quotas for different groups of audiences. The quotas are decided and the tickets are allotted even before the concert is announced.

The tickets are divided into various categories. Some are sold during a radio presale, some are given to American Express Gold members while some are allotted to regular members. Some people are reserved by the promoter that they sell or giveaway separately to their friends and relatives. Other are offered to resellers.

According to research done by the New York Post, only 32% tickets were made available to ordinary fans before One Direction’s July 2 concert in 2013. The rest were allotted to the artists, talent agencies, record labels, tour sponsors, and fan clubs.

Why Get Tickets During The Pre-Sale?

The Answer is simple, to have a good shot at scoring a ticket for your favorite football game or concert. You don’t want to be left out of your favorite game or show. Get your seat as early as possible during the presale period. As the concert or the game comes closer, prices of tickets start to rise as third-party brokers come into play. 

How Can You Buy a Presale Ticket?

There are many different platforms which keep an eye on in-demand events such as live concerts, shows, or sport games. They let you know about the upcoming presales and gives you passwords to certain presales. 

One such platform is Presale.codes which helps you save time and buy tickets before they are made available to the general public. Presale.cods has a great database of presale codes featuring almost all in-demand events. However, their service is currently limited to the United States and Canada. Maybe in future, they will start providing info and codes of presale tickets to events in Europe but for now, they are limited to the United States and Canada. 

It’s a great platform to get your tickets to your favorite live event or show before the tickets are made available to the general public.

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