“Jelly Defense” invites you to the colorful minimal looking fight spectacle on the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

A curious dinosaur planet in “Jelly Defense” is the scene for a few slippery looking battles according to the tower defense principle. Haunted by alien invaders, the Jelly Nation pleads for help to take the strategic lead over the defense towers.

In alternating spurts, you get to do it with red and blue Glibber opponents, which can only be attacked by the same color towers. Unlike most competitors in the tower defense genre, here you have to hand-pick the colorful resource bullets left by your adversaries.

Another innovation is the strictly limited and pre-determined construction positions for your defense, which limits your planning freedom but not significantly. The game is considered lost once your opponents are able to steal all the green gems from your source. It should be noted that despite the fact that there are pre-determined construction spots for the towers, the game is very challenging. In fact, it forces you to think more strategically and place the right colored towers at the right positions.

Conclusion: In addition to the absolutely fantastically beautiful jelly graphics, “Jelly Defense” players can especially look forward to the campaign mode, which brings the player’s heart to blaze with constantly new maps and witty opponent bosses. I find the game a lot of fun to play and the game is a pleasure to look at. It is that beautiful. If you are into tower defense games, here is a list of some great tower defense games that you will love to play. Maybe you have already played most of them, but you will find a few titles that you will love to play.

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