Being the owner/operator of a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or cafe within the competitive market is a very difficult task. You need to meet almost every need of the consumers to be successful. Of course, comfort is the main requirement. Especially if you run a restaurant or a coffee chain, you need to offer your consumers all sorts of facilities.


Many big restaurant chains these days provide their customers with mobile charging facilities mainly wireless charging. While wireless charging is cool and effortless, sadly it provides very slow charging speeds. This new products called Menu Power Banks solves this problem.

So what are they and which benefits do they present? Let’s dive into the details.

What Is Menu Powerbank?

The menu power bank is a battery power bank with a twist. The menu power bank allows you to charge your phone, tablet or phablet in places like coffee chains, restaurants or hotels. It is called ‘Menu Power Bank’ because it also allows for a small advertising/menu area.

Basically, there are no obvious differences between a menu power bank and a regular power bank. It does what a power bank is supposed to do but also includes a place for the menu. Just as the conventional mobile phone power banks the menu power bank comes in 10,000 – 20,000 mAh capacity and allows multiple users to charge their mobile devices at the same time.

How Many Types of Menu Powerbank Models?

Menu power banks have many different versions. These even include coin-operated varieties. When you put a coin in the slot, it starts to charge your phone. But I don’t think it is a smart idea to charge your customers for charging your phones. These coin-operated power banks could come handy if you are looking to start a mobile charging spot in a busy market.


Large coffee chains and restaurants prefer menu power bank models that are directly powered by electrical outlets. However, the most widely Menu Power Banks are battery-powered power banks just like the regular mobile phone power banks. As menu power banks are Powered by rechargeable batteries, the menu power bank units are ready to use after they have been charged themselves.

These menu power bank models allow up to an A3 paper of advertising or menu space and often charge up to 5 or 7 smartphones

How Does Menu Powerbank Work?

In its simplest terms, the menu can be called a kind of battery for the power bank. In fact, these energy units already contain more than one rechargeable battery. Often these are rechargeable batteries, also known as 18650 batteries, and, unlike disposable batteries, are known to be heavier, more durable and useful. Today, the version of rechargeable batteries is used as smartphone batteries. Smartphone batteries are fine versions of rechargeable batteries, but the operating principles are the same.

These products offer consumers the opportunity to charge their phones in places such as restaurants, cafes, coffee chains, and new-generation coffee shops. These products are also very useful at airports, hotels or tourist places because the menu power bank units can easily meet the mobile charging needs of visitors and consumers in certain areas.


Also, we are living in a “stay online age” so no one wants to have their phone’s lying over while eating or having coffee or having a pleasant chat. Moreover, menu and advertising areas and menu power banks can meet the space requirement of the owners.

Why Is Menu Powerbank So Important?

As smartphones become widespread and evolved, people’s energy needs have increased significantly in their daily business life or during the hustle and bustle of big cities. This first resulted in a dramatic increase in the battery capacity of smartphones. Later, mobile power banks hit the market for those who have to constantly use their phones while on the go.

This new product menu power bank is an evolution of the regular power bank. These not only allow your customers to charge their mobile phones while having dinner or a cup of coffee but also works as a menu. Menu power banks are also aesthetically pleasing and present your restaurant menu in a cool way thus leaving a good impression on the customer.

Not only menu power bank models but also mobile power bank models are indispensable for today’s people. Because, no matter how much technology develops, the energy consumption of smartphones is increasing day by day.

Moreover, devices such as electronic cigarettes increase the need for a full battery in daily hustle and bustle. In particular, the human community known as Generation Z has such a deep relationship with smartphones that most people belonging to this generation feel severely ill when separated from their smartphones. Staying away from their phone for these people has become unthinkable.

This disease, which was first introduced in 2018, also called “the fear of being away from the smartphone” or “no mobile phobia”, also reveals the relationship between today’s people and mobile devices. This shows us how important a power bank or menu power bank products are.

Coffee Shop Chains And Menu Powerbanks

The digital revolution, which has marked the past decade, has also significantly changed the way it works. Now not only mobile devices but people also have to “stay online”. This situation is the biggest factor in the emergence of the problem of nomophobia. This desire and desire for people to stay online, difficult working conditions and other factors also triggered people to consume coffee and caffeine-based products.


So it’s not surprising that people who want to keep their batteries full and people who consume coffee from the coffee chains are included in the same group. Who wouldn’t want your phone to charge with a nicely designed menu during a coffee break? All of these cultural events have led to the emergence of different versions of mobile power bank devices. Of course, one of these versions is the menu power bank.

How Useful Are Menu Powerbanks?

It is possible to answer this question in several ways. If you run a restaurant, a coffee chain or a new generation of coffee shops, we can say that the menu power bank models are ideal for you. Because besides good food, people often expect a good environment, comfort, and other facilities from places like restaurants and cafes.

This makes the menu power bank and cafe power bank, restaurant power bank models especially useful for the restaurants and cafes. The menu power bank models, which also feature the ability to charge or boost the phone of 9 or 10 people, are also very useful for customers.

What Places Are Menu Powerbank Suitable For?

Menu power bank models are especially suitable for the restaurant and tourism sectors. These battery units are designed for the comfort of the users and at the same time offer you a menu-advertising space. The menu power bank devices, which are also suitable for hotels, are in a way similar to coin-operated television systems. These battery units are also close to mobile power banks in terms of price and are also very useful as they can charge more than one person’s device at the same time.


The menu power bank models offer numerous advantages for a restaurant owner. For hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and next-generation cafes, the menu power bank may seem like a simple product. But the digital revolution and the necessity of staying online in the cyber world make menu power bank products useful and important.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new product and add a new atmosphere to your menus, you can order from their website for the version of the menu power bank models you want and use the links in our content to order the product.

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