There are many different VOIP telephone service providers in the market. But what kind of VOIP service should be considered for a small business?

In the following article, we discuss the two fundamentally different forms of VOIP systems
On-Premise : The telephone system is available at your location. One example is the classic PBXs that you’ll soon know as “logs on the wall”.

Cloud-Based or Hosted: With this PBX, you only have the phones on-site with you. The heart, the PBX, runs on a data center of the IT Service provider. So what to look for in the selection? Find 5 points here.

The True Total Cost of The Solution (TCO)

On-premise systems usually require a big investment in the beginning. Whether you are buying or leasing/financing. A hosted solution is different: you pay for the telephone system on a monthly basis and can cancel at any time.

But you should consider the TCO because it is not about one month, but for a longer period. So, do not just look at the money you spend on a purchase, but keep in mind that an on-premise solution needs regular support money.

Do not assume that the device will never cause any problems! Especially if you choose a modern computer integration solution (and you should) you must buy software installed on the hardware.

Whether the manufacturer calls it a computer or a PBX, assume that it is complex and requires servicing sooner or later. And do you need specialists for that? Naturally. Usually not with the cloud solution.

At the end of 2015, most customers still chose a local telephone system. If you want to keep an eye on costs, ask your IT system provider for a fixed price for any duration. Then you have nothing to fear but are bound for a long time.

In 2019, however, cloud solutions are also clearly on the rise among UAE companies, and many are choosing a telephone system from the data center, such as Yealink phones.

Obviously, many decision makers outweigh issues such as flexibility, very short deployment times for new employee connections and transparent, monthly billing over the total price over 5 years calculated.

In my opinion, this is due to digitization. Everything has to go fast these days and be as uncomplicated as possible. Of course, cloud solutions score points over conventional systems with their often bulky license models and activations, possible further expansion stages and the high level of local complexity.

Adjustments And Special Functions

Do you want a special function? It may sound pretty straightforward for you, but in the IT world, such things are usually surprisingly complicated. If you have a solution in your field, you can select it accordingly and have the freedom over everything: your phone numbers, the software, etc.

For a hosted solution, the situation is different: you are limited to the functions of the manufacturer. You should pay attention to correct call number transmission and correct handling of emergency numbers. These are “basics” which are surprisingly difficult for some smaller cloud providers.

And if you want to connect the TK system to your ERP system, it gets even more complex. Be sure to give advice and tell the IT service provider what you expect from the telephone system. Only then can a system serve your needs exactly as you wish.

Quality Of The Talks

Clear advantage for the on-premise solution. Because you have everything under control. The call goes from your telephone or headset via your network lines directly to your ISDN connection. And from there, the provider regulates a flawless transfer.

In cloud technology, you have to deal with prioritization (QOS) on the Internet. Can go well, but does not have to. Unless you rely on a specific VoIP provider, which also provides the Internet line as well. But that costs a corresponding surcharge. We have gained experience here and have tips to get a good connection through the clever choice of providers and good QOS directly on your firewall.

The Devices At Your Hand

You have to interact with the device daily. So, look what you order there. Is it modern? A big provider? We have had good experiences with snom, Yealink and Cisco. You can also just order a USB headset and save yourself the phone. This provides additional flexibility in the workplace.

Cost of Ongoing Support

Keep in mind that an on-premise solution must be maintained. If you employ an administrator yourself, remember that he must have the know-how and the time. If you do not want to hire an external IT service provider and do not hire an employee yourself, then you should rely on a cloud solution, then you have at least outsourced the server technology.

Do you have more questions? We would like to talk to you in the context of a free first meeting. We help you to find the perfect telephone system.

If you are a UAE based business and looking for Business IP phones in Dubai, we suggest buying a Yealink phone system from Yealink Suppliers in UAE. Yealink offers proven VOIP devices ranging from affordable entry-level devices to expensive stylish IP phone systems.

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